if you clicked on this page, thank you! I feel honored that you have an interest in choosing me as your photographer. I know finding the right photographer for any occasion is a big deal and I want to be able to make your experience an easy one! I also hope that I'm the right fit for you!

 I fell in love with photography at a very young age. one of the best gifts i ever got from my parents was a small digital camera, I would gather all my neighborhood friends, dress them up, and take their pictures. little did I know that my childhood hobby would become my passion and later my career. saying that I love what I do is an understatement.

I was born and raised in Utah, I love Utah and I honestly never want to leave.  I absolutely LOVE  traveling (especially for pictures!!), but Utah is my home.

things I love: comfy clothes (especially sweat pants), a good book and a soft blanket, my hot husband, adventuring with my hot husband and adorable puppy, FRENCH FRIES LIKE OMGOSHHH, and of course, TAKING PICTURES!

when it comes to taking pictures I'm all about those candid shots, but i love the classic ones as well. to me you can't go wrong with pictures of the ones you love! capturing moments, emotions, feelings.. that is what i aim for. those moments are fleeting, but pictures can make them last forever. 

If you were to ask me what the best part of my job is, I would have to say that it's all the wonderful people I get to meet and friends that I get to make! during shoots I always have a lot of laughs and touching moments with my clients. staying up to date with them and their lives, and being able to take pictures for them on more than one occasion, is the greatest part of my job. I've been very blessed with the clients I've had and the friends that I have made and I hope that you can be the next one!

thank you for your interest in me. I look forward to hearing from you and to our future together!